The electoral district of Holsworthy is a located in South-west Sydney. Holsworthy covers south-eastern parts of the City of Liverpool and a small north-western part of Sutherland Shire. Holsworthy covers Barden Ridge, Casula, Chipping Norton, Holsworthy, Lucas Heights, Lurnea, Moorebank, Prestons and Wattle Grove.


According to 2016 Census data, Holsworthy has:

  • A population of 84,408 (47,133 voters turned out in 2015 out of 54,299 enrolled);

  • A lower than average median age at 34;

  • A lower than average level of highest educational attainment with 18.4% of constituents achieving a Bachelor Degree level and above; and

  • A higher than average median weekly household income of $1,781 (vs. $1,486 for NSW).


Holsworthy was created in the 2013 redistribution, largely replacing Menai. The only member of Holsworthy has been Liberal Melanie Gibbons, elected in 2015. Gibbons was elected in 2011 to the seat of Menai with at 27% swing.


Menai was first created in 1999, where the seat was won my ALP candidate Alison Megarrity with a 4.2% margin. Megarrity was re-elected in 2003 with an increased 9.5% margin. In 2007, Megarrity won a third term, but with a reduced 2.7% margin. Megarrity did not contest the 2011 election which Liberal Melanie Gibbons won.


The current member, Melanie Gibbons, holds the seat for the Liberal Party. 

Melanie Gibbons (LIB)

Gibbons is the Liberal Party candidate for Holsworthy in the 2019 election, and the current member. Gibbons won the 2011 in Menai with a 27% swing and was reelected again in 2015 in Holsworthy.


Before entering Parliament, Gibbons worked as a real estate agent before becoming a development manager for Technical Aid to the Disabled. Gibbons also formerly worked for various state and federal politicians. Gibbons was elected to the Sutherland Shire Council in 2004 as an independent candidate and rose to the position of Deputy Mayor. Gibbons has been a strong campaigner for disability services, youth, community services and emergency services within the Sutherland Shire and Liverpool City Council.


When first elected in 2011, Gibbons served as a Temporary Speaker in the Legislative Assembly. After the 2015 election, in addition to her Temporary Speaker position, Melanie also was appointed the Chair of the Committee for Children and Young People and as the Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer-General. In 2017, Gibbons was appointed the Deputy Government Whip in the Legislative Assembly, working alongside the Government Whip. She continued to serve as the Chair of the Committee for Children and Young People.


Gibbons is Deputy Government Whip.

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Charishma Kaliyanda (LAB)

Kaliyanda is the Labor Party candidate for Holsworthy in the 2019 election. Kaliyanda is a Liverpool councillor. She is a registered Occupational Therapist. 


Kaliyanda grew up, lives and works locally.

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